Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Monthly Report


At the beginning of yet another year in the Res Publica, the process of our new magistrates taking office was a smooth and easy one, although there is now an unfortunate vacancy in consular office, leaving our new consul, M. Pompeius Caninus, sine collega. Consul Pompeius has announced that he will soon hold suffect elections in an attempt to rectify this.

As recorded on a newly announced page, the oaths of the new magistrates have been officially recorded and made publicly available by the quaestura, here:


Much of the social activity this past month has revolved around the rituals performed to bring in the new year well; the Ludi Compitalicii, in regard to which, congratulations are owed to C. Decius Laterensis, being the owner of the winning team; and the shared sense of loss of the beloved author, Colleen McCullough. There was also a meeting held in Prague, which was attended by both Nova Romans and representation from a military reenactment group. Many greetings were extended to a new citizen from Gallia provincia, upon his making himself known in the Forum.


Much appreciation was shown for the rituals performed at the turn of the new year, in anticipation of a new chapter of prosperity for Nova Roma; one being offered by the esteemed Pontifex, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus; another by consul M. Pompeius Caninus.

Pontifex Maximus T. Iulius Sabinus called a session of the collegium pontificum to order, and results of the session are pending, as of this writing.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. New citizen, Lucius Valerius Aquila
2. Performing rituals in the home
3. Interlinear translations of Latin texts
4. Contact points for citizens living outside governed provinces
5. The death of author Colleen McCullough 

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