Thursday, May 28, 2015

April Monthly Report


Our praetors, Sextus Lucilius Tutor & Aulus Liburnius Hadrianus, appointed one of the more proficient latinists among us, Aulus Scribonius Nasica, as a praetorial scribe to assist in Latin matters.


Parilia was celebrated, it being the 2768th anniversary of the founding of Rome, and a celebration was held in Pannonia, with Pontifex Cornelius Lentulus officiating.

In other news, Gnaeus Horatius Carbo has opened a new business establishment in Ostrava, Czech Republic (Boihaemum): The Aventin bar; and it is now open for business.


The collegium augurum took a new step by opening a discussion to the main forum for public feedback on the practice of blood sacrifice. A healthy debate ensued, with lively discussion and thoughtful arguments being offered both for and against the practice. Perhaps such public discussions of important ancient practices will likewise yield great insight into the will and disposition of the citizens of our republic.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. Most valued works from/about ancient Rome
2. The role of blood sacrifice in the Cultus Deorum
3. The opening of the Aventin bar in Boihaemum
4. Cornelius Sulla's return home
5. Aemilius Crassus' surgery

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Mt. Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.D.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

March Monthly Report


The Month of March was a welcome milestone, bringing Nova Roma to the 17th anniversary of its founding, and another celebration of our romanitas with the Ludi Novi Romani. Unfortunately, we were without curule aediles, who usually organize the games for the republic, and so the task fell to the plebeian aediles, C. Maria Marcella & A. Iulius Paterculus, along with welcome help from other volunteers.

Among those volunteers was Augur C. Claudius Quadratus, who was also sworn in as governor of the Canada Citerior province, having been hitherto the de facto magistrate over that region.


The Nova Roman games were presented and enjoyed, among which there was a history contest, presented by Augur C. Claudius Quadratus, which received strong participation, and became one of the more discussed things on the fora through the month.

One of the other most-discussed topics was the welcoming of a new prospective citizen from the US, who has chosen the name Publia Caelia Vara. She was received very warmly on the Forum Hospitum, and has already raised some substantial discussion regarding religious practice in the ancient and modern worlds.


In addition to the Nova Roman games, the holidays of Concordialia, the second Equirria, and Matronalia were also observed, with ceremonies being dutifully performed by Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus and Sacerdos C. Decius Laterensis on behalf of the republic.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. Introduction of P. Caelia Vara
2. Roman-themed video game
3. Citizens' most valued books of Rome
4. Greek mythology book on kindle
5. Religious tolerance in Nova Roma

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Friday, March 6, 2015

February Monthly Report


The month of Februarius brought with it the start of the tax season; and a session of the senate was convened on the 18th of the month, which will conclude on the 9th of March.


The majority of social activity this month occurred over the Nova Roma facebook page, between citizens and non-citizens alike.


Sacerdos Martialis C. Decius Laterensis, on the first Equirria (Feb. 27), performed the caerimonia Equirriae on behalf of Nova Roma and her people, in lieu of the Flamen Martialis. Also, Sacerdos Laterensis recommended the wiki page about the feria.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. Consularis Crassus' surgery
2. Prorogation of governors
3. Equirria
4. The Nova Roma Chronicle
5. Tax season

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Monthly Report


At the beginning of yet another year in the Res Publica, the process of our new magistrates taking office was a smooth and easy one, although there is now an unfortunate vacancy in consular office, leaving our new consul, M. Pompeius Caninus, sine collega. Consul Pompeius has announced that he will soon hold suffect elections in an attempt to rectify this.

As recorded on a newly announced page, the oaths of the new magistrates have been officially recorded and made publicly available by the quaestura, here:


Much of the social activity this past month has revolved around the rituals performed to bring in the new year well; the Ludi Compitalicii, in regard to which, congratulations are owed to C. Decius Laterensis, being the owner of the winning team; and the shared sense of loss of the beloved author, Colleen McCullough. There was also a meeting held in Prague, which was attended by both Nova Romans and representation from a military reenactment group. Many greetings were extended to a new citizen from Gallia provincia, upon his making himself known in the Forum.


Much appreciation was shown for the rituals performed at the turn of the new year, in anticipation of a new chapter of prosperity for Nova Roma; one being offered by the esteemed Pontifex, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus; another by consul M. Pompeius Caninus.

Pontifex Maximus T. Iulius Sabinus called a session of the collegium pontificum to order, and results of the session are pending, as of this writing.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. New citizen, Lucius Valerius Aquila
2. Performing rituals in the home
3. Interlinear translations of Latin texts
4. Contact points for citizens living outside governed provinces
5. The death of author Colleen McCullough 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Tribute to Ti. Galerius Paulinus

A Tribute

To all Nova Romans, friends and family of this great man, whose life and achievements we solemnly remember with especial gratitude and fondness: We will miss him.

Tiberius Galerius Paulinus enjoyed what is widely recognized as a fruitful and outstanding career in Nova Roma; one in which he endeared himself to the republic with his uncompromising optimism, dedication to the welfare of Nova Roma, and loyalty to his fellow quirites. A pillar of fortitude and an exemplar of steadiness throughout his 12 years as a Nova Roman, he was deeply principled and remained undeviating from his convictions.

From scriba to senator--from quaestor to consul, he proved to be a dignified and hard-working representative of the interests of the republic, as well as a humble and compassionate servant of its people. When issues arose and tempers flared, he exhibited great composure whilst inclining an easy ear to colleagues and opponents alike, thus calming tensions and fostering mutual understanding.

During his current term as tribunus plebis, and on the 2000th anniversary of the death of Emperor Augustus, Paulinus himself passed on, leaving us with fond memories and an undying legacy which we are honored to bear into the coming months and years, ever remembering the many contributions he has made to the progress of our little nation. Even though we are indeed troubled by the loss of a revered leader and valued friend, we can yet take solace in the promise of a world to come, in which he now rests under the care of a divine hand.

Now, as we carry on, let us do so with our eyes and hearts set upon the future of Nova Roma that Paulinus dedicated his efforts to bring about; let us be inspired in our conduct by his virtue and service, and ever be mindful so that we bear the name of 'Nova Romans' as well and nobly as he has.

Farewell Pauline amice; your memory lives on!