Sunday, April 19, 2015

March Monthly Report


The Month of March was a welcome milestone, bringing Nova Roma to the 17th anniversary of its founding, and another celebration of our romanitas with the Ludi Novi Romani. Unfortunately, we were without curule aediles, who usually organize the games for the republic, and so the task fell to the plebeian aediles, C. Maria Marcella & A. Iulius Paterculus, along with welcome help from other volunteers.

Among those volunteers was Augur C. Claudius Quadratus, who was also sworn in as governor of the Canada Citerior province, having been hitherto the de facto magistrate over that region.


The Nova Roman games were presented and enjoyed, among which there was a history contest, presented by Augur C. Claudius Quadratus, which received strong participation, and became one of the more discussed things on the fora through the month.

One of the other most-discussed topics was the welcoming of a new prospective citizen from the US, who has chosen the name Publia Caelia Vara. She was received very warmly on the Forum Hospitum, and has already raised some substantial discussion regarding religious practice in the ancient and modern worlds.


In addition to the Nova Roman games, the holidays of Concordialia, the second Equirria, and Matronalia were also observed, with ceremonies being dutifully performed by Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus and Sacerdos C. Decius Laterensis on behalf of the republic.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month
1. Introduction of P. Caelia Vara
2. Roman-themed video game
3. Citizens' most valued books of Rome
4. Greek mythology book on kindle
5. Religious tolerance in Nova Roma

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