Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January Monthly Report


The beginning of this year was rather unorthodox: Our newly elected magistrates were unable to take office, having been left waiting for the Comitia Curiata to be convened by Pontifex Maximus C. Petronius Dexter. This was a highly unexpected wrench in the works, and within a week the political machine had ground to a halt.

Let's review the results of last year's elections. The elected curule magistrates were:
  • St. Cornelia V. I. Aeternia - Consul Maior
  • C. Aemilius Crassus - Consul Minor
  • P. Annaeus C. Placidus - Praetor Maior
  • M. Pompeius Caninus - Praetor Minor
  • L. Vitellius Triarius - Aedilis Curulis

Dexter had tacitly abstained from duty since the end of the elections in December, causing concern among the magistracy. Subsequently, an emergency session of the senate was called by Princeps Senatus L. Cornelius Sulla Felix to resolve the matter, and Senatus Consulta Ultima (plural) were issued, effecting the removal of Dexter from pontifical office, and the instatement of Pontifex T. Iulius Sabinus in his place.

Another Senatus Consultus Ultimum was also enacted in the same session, intended to revitalize the Collegium Pontificum by appointing 5 new pontifices. This SCU was met with a pronouncement of intercessio by Tribunis Plebis C. Claudius Quadratus, which was promptly dismissed on grounds of improper execution. The Comitia Curiata was convened immediately thereafter, and the new magistrates were vested with their legal imperium just before the turn of the month.

Prior to the emergency session of the senate, another session had been held in which voting took place on regulations for citizens under 18, and the constitutional amendment related to elections, which had been previously ratified by the Comitia Centuriata.

In the midst of all this, Nova Roma also saw the successful conclusion of the IRS audit that began over a year ago; a happy event, especially for the magistracy. But at the end of it all, our Res Publica has gained a renovated magistracy, and stands poised for rapid growth.


The social life of the republic has been strong, with activity on the Main List at its highest in 6 months, and participation on the Forum Hospitum at its highest in over 2 years.

Significant events:
  • Carmentalia was celebrated on the 15th, and Compitalia, with the Ludi Compitalicii, was celebrated on the 18th.
  • Augur Quadratus announced that his office in Montreal is now open to be used for Nova Roman activities and events, and has already scheduled a presentation on Roman numismatics to be held there on Feb. 21st. 
  • C. Maria Caeca has expanded the Nova Roma Bookclub to include an email group.

  • L. Ulpius Atellus announced a Quinquatria celebration on the University of Western Florida campus, to be held Mar. 19th.


The new year was brought in well by Pontifex Lentulus, who not only offered a sacrifice for Nova Roma, but also furnished a new-year ritual for other cives to perform at home.

Later on in the month, a session of the Collegium Pontificum was held for discussion and voting on pontifical elections, and the celebration of Concordialia.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month

1. The propriety of revamping the Collegium Pontificum
2. Email issues
3. The importance of civilized conduct in debates
4. Issuing new Nova Roman coinage
5. The pronouncement of intercessio against the CP-related SCU

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  1. =D
    Di te incolumem custodiant.
    V.A. Regilla

  2. Thinking of doing another coin? Does that mean that NR is ready to pay me back the money it owes from the last one?

  3. Nova Roma offering to ensure the liability of any project that entails the use of private funds? I don't think so. That would be tantamount to Nova Roma paying salaries to those individuals who hold executive positions! And, you know from your years in Nova Roma, that it does NOT do that. Case in point I reference a message Marinus forwarded to the Senate list discussing this very issue with you and a few other people in regards to the coin issue and liability: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SenatusRomanus/conversations/messages/7897
    We give freely, just as you did when you chose to invest in the project. The Senate, Board of Directors, emphatically rejected any attempt to cover the losses on any privately funded project and crystal clear from the senate discussions that this project was a private one started by interested citizens, you being one of them. Therefore it places even more motive for you, an investor, to ensure that your funds invested are properly executed to maximize any return or to minimize any losses. I would suggest that if you have any coins of Nova Roma that you would like to sell, since you are no longer a citizen, that you then seek to exchange those assets and thusly minimize your loses. If you are interested in selling some of those items, please contact me privately as I might be interested in purchasing them or I would know individuals who would be interested.


    Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix