Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Monthly Report


The beginning of this month brought with it the tax season, and the formation of the consular & aedilician staffs. Magisterial activity was heightened as it was in January, but instead of having a major focus on the enactment of reactionary measures, it was dedicated to putting proactive measures in place; measures that will insure the stability of the Republic, and lend greater unity to its citizens.

As in previous years, the senate was convened for a session focused on the gubernatorial positions throughout the globe. By the end, the proroguing of new governors will have been completed, and incumbent governors will be better equipped to carry forward the work in their respective provinces.

This month has been one of contrast: While the general citizenry has remained mainly dormant, the magistracy has been busily gaining momentum; making strides in legal, religious, and social programs and legislation; and serving to near completion in repairing the republic from past years' damage. A relatively quiet month has yet evidenced great activity beneath the soil, as new shoots prepare to erupt into the sun, and blossom into productivity and splendor. Just as trees grow much more during winter months than in the summer, so too have we grown during the quieter months, eagerly anticipating the end of the long, cold winter of Nova Roma.


One of the highlights of the month was the excited discussion of the minting of future issues of Nova Roman coins. While details are not yet set in stone, the discussion has included talk of having a different issue minted for every year of our beloved Res Publica. Another highlight was the launch of this very blog, which has been met with praise and enthusiasm.


- A Quinquatria celebration will be held at Cannon Greens on the University of Western Florida campus, on March 19th.


In the Collegium Pontificum, Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus brought forward some proposals designed to more clearly codify the various religious positions and duties, as well as the observance of public festivals, holidays, and others. The proposals quickly became a point of controversy within the Collegium, and among the magistracy. However, some time and ready cooperation have already served to smooth the issue over somewhat. A future session of the Collegium will anticipatedly bring the issue to its conclusion.

The Top 5 Most Discussed Topics of the Month

1. Appius Claudius Priscus
2. Future issues of Nova Roman coins
3. The Nova Roma Chronicle
4. Nova Roman Sovereignty
5. Collegium Pontificum proposals

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  1. I like this format. Thank you so much for summarizing the goings-on of our Republic! This has taken quite a bit of effort. You are to be congratulated for your commitment. Thank you again. (Cn. Rutilius Viminalis).

  2. This summary was handy. Thanks!...from Saxo.